We were EGGED!!!

Such a wonderful idea to spread the real meaning of Easter.  Thank you to our “mystery” egger! The kids had fun finding the eggs and we had a great time explaining to them what was inside and what it meant for us.

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Thunder Over Louisville

One of my favorite events around Louisville is Thunder.  It is the opening celebration for the Kentucky Derby Festival.  We were not going to go this year, because it is so hard to fight the crowds with little kids, but the day was beautiful so we decided to brave it.  We didn’t stay for the fireworks, because the kids are not big fans and we wanted to leave downtown before it got to dark.  The kids had fun watching the planes, playing games, and walking around.  Overall, a great day with the family!

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Baby Braden

On March 25th, my sister had her first baby.  We went and saw baby Braden after he was home.  The kids were so excited.  Most of them are pros at holding babies!  Stella was a little apprehensive and then confused when he started crying.  Gave me that baby itch again!

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Mary Murphy

March 21, 2014

Sadly Josh’s grandma, Mary Murphy passed away on March 17th.  She was a sweet, sweet lady who did so much for all of her family and friends.  Thankfully, we were able to attend the funeral and spend a few days with Josh’s family.  Even under the circumstances it’s always nice to spend time with family.  We don’t get to see most of them often so it was a very nice time.  Josh got to spend some quality time with his cousins and his aunts and uncles.  They sat at a favorite camping spot and had a bonfire and ate all of his grandmas favorite foods.  It was a time they will never forget.  Sadly she is gone from this life, but we know she is forever rejoicing in heaven.

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Outside time FINALLY!!

March 15, 2014

Finally the snow is gone and the weather is warming up!  The kids spent the morning at the playground and the afternoon running around the backyard playing bubbles and having a snack.  Not being able to play outside during the winter months has been the hardest part about moving to Louisville.  We were so ready for some sunshine and warmer temps!

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Teach them young

When your hanging out with daddy on a Wednesday night during praise team practice what better thing to do then join in!  I love how our kids love to listen to praise and worship songs!

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