Popcorn Break

Sometimes when daddy works late, and we are making a Target run, there is popcorn involved.  The kids think its a treat, but actually just a ploy to keep them awake and happy!  Win, win for all involved!  Boy am I thankful for a the nice ladies who will let me buy two popcorns and split them four ways!


World Cup Fever

From the time the World Cup started to the time it was over, we had a super fan in our house.  Hayden wanted to watch every game and his Brazil shirt or USA shirt better have been clean.  I was happy we had more than one Brazil shirt.  Hayden’s jersey with his name on it finally fit him.  I think we have had it for 4 years!  Even though USA went out early we had fun watching them.  When Brazil played that boy was glued to the t.v. the entire time.  It was fun to watch him cheer and get excited for every play.  He learned the players names and more about the game.  The saddest day came when Brazil lost.  Poor Hayden was so upset and just wanted to turn off the television.  But, it was still a fun few weeks watching Josh and Hayden share the love of the game together.




Hayden’s eye surgery

June 23, 2014

It has been two years since Hayden has had to start wearing glasses.  Wow, have we come a long way.  He went from finding out he needed glasses, to realizing he was blind in one eye, to patching on and off for the past two years, to now finally having surgery to correct any other problems.  Thankfully, his vision was restored by the continuous patching and now the surgery should correct the muscles which was causing some misalignment with his eyes.  To say this boy is a trooper would be an understatement.  As long as we tell him the details, he just goes with the flow.  I am thankful for Dr’s who calm us as parents though!  He did wonderful with the surgery and we are confident that as long as he heals correctly we will not be looking at anymore surgery.  Sorry Hayden, you still have to wear glasses, just blame that one on your mommy!



Pool days

What a difference a year makes.  All the kids love the water and have done so well learning how to swim better.  Hayden can pretty much be alone and is no longer afraid of going under the water and getting the water in his eyes.  Emilia can be a little to comfortable but we are working with her each time.  Payton pretty much stays in her little tube, and is always happy to stay put!  Stella never wants to get out and actually with use her sign language to say “please” when we are inside and talking about going out.  Oh, and I promise I get in too, but someone has to take the pictures! Ha Ha


Baptism pictures

Stella loves little babies and Braden is no exception.  She was so cute watching him sleep and then comforting him after he woke up.  I was also excited to spend some time with my uncles.  Payton and Emilia especially took to my Uncle Jeff.  They were quite the characters with him!


Braden’s Baptism

June 14, 2014

There are some events in life that you might need to sit down as a family and decide what is the right thing to do.  Unfortunately, we had to make that decision recently.  A baptism of an infant is not something that we believe is scripturally correct and not something that we have practiced with our own children.  We believe that the bible teaches that baptism is an outward symbol of an inward decision.  Meaning, when a person comes to the full knowledge of Jesus Christ they are baptized as a symbol of their decision to follow Christ with all their heart.  We believe that baptism in itself does not convey salvation or transformation, but it is a sign of what has happened in a spiritual sense to a new believer.

That being said, the catholic church does not believe the same things.  And because that is where my sister and her husband attend church and were having my nephew baptized we had to make a decision on whether to attend or not.  As a family we sat and prayed about it for a few weeks and came to the decision that we would support the family and the child but not the actual baptism or the church service.  It isn’t something that we felt was “so wrong” that we could not be a part of the day.  However, we still continue to pray that they would understand what it fully means to be scripturally baptized and to follow Christ with all your heart, soul, and strength.


International Spy Academy

June 9-13, 2014

This years vacation bible schools theme was International Spy Academy.  The leaders did an amazing job explaining the gospel to the children while of course having some fun.  I helped out in Payton’s 2 yr old class.  It is amazing what those little ones can learn.  I didn’t get many pictures of the week.  Hayden was able to be in the VBS choir, so I have the most of him (mostly videos), but I never even saw Emilia, except for at the welcome time.  The kids had so much fun and they are still singing the songs almost every day.  It is a real joy to hear and see them learning God’s word.  We were even able to visit our other 2 campuses for their VBS week.  Overall, it was an amazing few weeks.  Now our prayer for our kids and all the kids involved is that one day they will come to the full knowledge of Jesus Christ.


Free Krispy Kreme donut

I try my best to save our family money.  Cutting coupons, watching the local ads, cooking and eating at home, etc.  So when ever there is a free offer out there we jump on it.  Really all that was to make us feel better about visiting not one but TWO Krispy Kreme shops for a free donut.  Hey we did buy a dozen to share with others!


Swim Lessons

Friends of ours are sending their daughters to a local gym for some swim lessons and they invited Emilia to come for a “bring a friend” day.  She had fun and I think it really helped her be a little braver in the water this summer.  Oh, and ending the time with a Starbucks treat didn’t hurt.  Thanks Thompsons for inviting us!




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